CPD GROUP (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD is a property development specialist providing consultancy and management services for property developments. Our subsidiary/associated companies have been actively servicing our clients in the past two decades. 

    1, City Projects and Developments Pty Ltd is a company specializing in property development advisory services. 

    2, CPD Architects Pty Ltd is a company specializing in architecture and interior design (Nominated Architect: Gil Candido ARN4866) 

    3, CPD Holdings Australia Pty Ltd is a company specializing in Property Development and Management

We have had twenty years designing and managing the delivery of many architectural projects from high-rise residential towers in China to med-rise apartments in Roseville and luxury harbourside mansions in Sydney.     

The common thread is innovation and high quality whether in architecture, management or construction, to match and exceed Clients' expectations.

A key feature of our design and construction methodology is the detailed involvement of the business principals throughout all phases of project design, development and implementation - high level of attendant skill that is very efficient and accurate.

These commonly held goals define our aim to attain true design ingenuity, a lasting client service record and construction excellence delivered through the inputs of each principal. 

The value of this experience is measured by our track record and how we have responded to very different operational cultures, personality profiles and brands with similar projects.